Mobile Apps

With the latest smartphones the world of apps has become very dear to the whole world. These mobile apps or applications are designed computer programs that are meant to run on smartphones, tablets and other types of mobile devices. Apps are the new trendsetters on earth and since apps have become an integral necessity and are used for very important things like scheduling as well as for entertainment purposes; we make sure that our apps stand out in the crowd with their unique features.

How we develop mobile apps?

At STOIC it is our top most priority to deliver what’s expected of us, hence we make sure that the apps we develop are not of the same kind like the others and that our applications are more than good enough to win the intense competition in the app development market. A lot goes into application development; here is a glimpse of what we have to consider and what it is like:

  • We take into consideration the varying screen sizes so that the app is capable of running on all types of mobile devices.
  • We also have to consider the specifics of the hardware and its configurations as well.

These keep on changing from one platform to the other.

Developing the user interface:
  • Designing a user interface is an important part of mobile apps development. There are some parts that draw the outline for app development process.
  • This is one of the trickiest parts of app development which includes designing the mobile user interface. These steps are a crucial part when it comes to developing an app and our professional team ensure that they also consider steps that involve constraints, mobility, and the screen size. Apart from these, the app must also require limited attention span of the user, minimize the number of keystrokes and the orientation of all the tasks in the app must involve only the least number of functions required.
  • While developing an app we have to consider the fact that the user is the focus who is going to be involved in the interaction with the mobile device and hence the user interface will also be entailing all that software and hardware comprises of.
  • Function of the user interface in mobile apps: The input given by the user actually manipulates the app to produce desired results and as an outcome the output of the device is such that it represents the manipulations made by the user.
  • The context signal of the user interface of the mobile depends on the user’s activities which may include making use of the location.
  • Keeping all the above key points in mind our app development teams set a user friendly app as their ultimate goal.
Testing the apps:

Our clients need not worry about the apps developed by us as they are completely original and field tested. We take testing very seriously and test the mobile apps with the use of emulators at first and field test it later on.



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