One of the most important aspects that people consider when looking for CMS is their feasibility in the SEO market. Without any doubt the most important feature of a quality CMS is to develop search-engine friendly websites. After all improved search engine ranking is vital for the success of any online business. STOIC Consulting has developed an SEO friendly CMS catering to all website specific needs.

What do you get with our web designs?

Our clients have the full control and say in the appearance, features and functions of their e-commerce sites. We understand that the efficient functioning of the shopping cart and an easy one step checkout process is what you need to grow and popularize your web site. Here are some of the services that we provide:

What is CMS?

Content Management Systems or CMS are an efficient and well-organized method of storing and managing information between groups of people. They facilitate uploading, sharing or publishing of a range of content, e.g. texts, graphics, videos etc. Even people with minimal technical knowledge can distribute or exchange content with others using CMS. There is a set of rules, processes and workflows that check the presentation method of content. These ensure that the content is presented in a logical and coherent fashion.

What type of content can be managed by CMS?

A CMS can store and manage anything in electronic format. Text, audio, video, graphics, Word documents, blogs, etc can all be managed by a CMS.

Why should you choose our CMS?

STOIC Consulting has meticulously designed a CMS tailored to provide a trouble-free way to manage your website content. The central idea is to separate the website designing process and the content. This makes it easy to create pages and update content for people with less knowledge or technical skills in website designing or development.

  • As CMS is entirely a web-based application it can easily be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  • Our editing suite provides contributors with common and simple editing functions for which technical expertise is not required.
  • Our CMS creates SEO friendly websites, with simple and legible URLs suitable for both humans and search engines.
  • You can easily export or import the pages for any modifications and the changes can be incorporated into your website without any fuss.
Why do you need CMS?

A CMS provides an effective and efficient approach for managing large amounts of content, enabling people to make changes as and wherever necessary. With CMS:

  • Content can be created, edited, published, viewed and stored in any sequence. It can be upgraded or removed altogether.
  • Communication with consumers improves because of better user experience. Also, the risk of duplicate content is reduced significantly.
  • You can save a lot of time modifying large amounts of data.
Our commSTOICent:

We are well aware of all the processes that you would need to apply for the different types of contents to get the desired end results. We will give you the right CMS according to your content criteria. Our SEO focused CMS is strategically designed keeping search engine marketing techniques in mind, which will be an added bonus for your SEO efforts. Our system allows you to create relevant, per-page meta-tags and titles for better search engine visibility, keeping the look and feel of your website retained throughout.

There are numerous products available that claim to optimize your search engine visibility but not all manage to meet the desired end results. Enhance your user experience with our CMS.


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