How We Work
  • STOIC Way
  • We sign NDA on behalf of UK based limited company. Because of that the client has the assurance that all his research work stays private and he has exclusive copyright over his work and ideas.
  • Also it makes sure that the client does not have to waste his money and resources by hiring in-house staff.
  • The client will not be able to copy anything to another drive or device ensuring he has to work only in a secured isolated platform.
  • We provide detailed documentation of everything to counter time wastage in case the other resources need to be deployed.
  • Backups of everything are done automatically to deal with any contingencies.
  • We provide scalable resources whenever the client deems it necessary.
  • Our billing options are very flexible and cater to any and every demand of our clients.

  On Site development (Virtual Employee) Cloud Development
Personal Workstation Dedicated computers for developers to work exclusively for the client with facilities for remote login. We provide dedicated Amazon Cloud workstation to our developers for better results.
UK based IT team will personally come and check security settings of all connections before handing everything to remote developer for absolute privacy. Workstation design compatible with secure environment.
  Automated monitoring system.
Workstation Security No one can copy and paste anything from or to any external device Copy and paste from external device is barred to protect all data of developmental work.
Monitoring Our admin teams constantly monitor all the developers working remotely. Our automated monitoring system allows you to get random screenshots of the developer’s screen to an online dashboard provided by STOIC for your assessment
Working hours Set by client Flexible hours
Dedicated Account UK based
Business Analysis On site and face to face On site and face to face
Communication English speaking development Resources.
Local number to call developer within working hours.
You will instruct them about your requirements and they will work according to your specifications and guidelines.
Our working style will make you forget that you have actually outsourced to us. Smooth collaboration, least risk, fluid communication and scaling project size anytime are all precise and easy.

Take outsourcing to a whole new level with our experienced developers for any domain who are based locally and are amazingly cost effective. STOIC is the continuation of your own office.

  • To start, you just have to fill the application form and we will provide employees to meet your specifications so that you can make your selection who to work with.
  • It is same as working face to face with any local employee. You can even build your own team in cloud environment.
  • With STOIC you have the assurance of 24*7 assistance.
  • It is up to you to decide the hardwares and softwares to be used in your project by our developers.
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