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Since the advent of the iPhone in the year 2007, mobile apps have very much become essential to the way people can access information. With great technological advancements in these recent years, people have started to shift from browser-based information towards mobile phone access. This has led to the development of apps developer teams which are hired by many companies including STOIC Consulting But, when it comes to awesome apps development no other company is a match for STOIC. We are one of the leading firms in the UK to make the best iPhone apps that cater to the requirements of our clients. Here at STOIC, we are extremely passionate about developing exquisite apps for the iPhone. Our iPhone App Developer team is mainly concerned about delivering both value and innovation for you through crafting of wonderful apps. Our developers understand your vision, combine it with their knowledge about Apple’s platform and emerge with a program that will create an interactive and compelling experience for your clients.

Our iOS Developer team has extensive knowledge and experience in:

  • iOS- Strong programming skills in Objective C and OO design
  • MySQL, SQLite or any equivalent database management system
  • Web service integration like REST, XML, SOAP, JSON
  • How to build native apps
  • How to use social media APIs
  • Android- Strong programming skills in Java (J2ME/J2EE)
  • Android SDK
  • HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP and Ajax
  • How to develop LAMP
  • PHP template engines like Smarty
  • PHP frameworks like Zend
  • Wordpress
  • Cloud
Why should one prefer STOIC over any other company?

Well, we facilitate the following benefits:

  • Our iOS Developer team has an excellent record of dispensing successful business products.
  • Our professionals have excellent knowledge in information architecture, usability design and human computer interaction principles
  • We have great multi tasking and time management skills
  • Our team’s skills include QA/testing skills, estimation and scoping skills, creative design and debugging skills
  • We are creative by nature and perfectionists at heart. We tend to push ourselves beyond the limits of strategy, creative designing and production in order to achieve our aim to create excellent apps.
  • We have an established team of app software specialists who have always been successful at developing critical business products using technology-informed methodology.
  • The Apps that our iOS Developer team develops are crafted with great usability- our developers always think of how our customers will like to use the apps and how helpful these apps will be and work accordingly to meet these requirements.
  • Being both technical as well as creative, we have great experience in creating exclusive products for our customers, which are not only conspicuous but also technically engineered to match the standards.
  • We keep a close check on the usage and feedback to ensure further modifications of the product to help you obtain desirable results.

For further information about our iOS Developer team, please contact us at: http://www.stoicpro.co.uk/contact-us


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