Marketing strategies have the ultimate power of making or breaking a business and thanks to all the internet resources it’s not limited anymore. Internet marketing has now evolved as the core of endorsements and no matter what it is that you are selling, whether it’s some kind of product, idea or anything else, the key to a successful business online is SEO. It is also known as Search Engine Optimization and the aim of this is to modify a website and design it so that it ranks among the first few results according to all the top ranking search engines and ultimately result in an increased traffic to your website.

It is also highly essential that you choose a SEO service provider that can completely cater to all that your website needs. Some common mistakes that inexperienced companies make with such optimization is overloading of content which can definitely bring your website down in the rankings. At STOIC our professional teams are trained to carry out optimization based on the client’s expectations and needs.

What does SEO comprise of?

These are some of the procedures through which the optimization campaigns of websites are done

  • Searching and placement of relevant keywords in the contents so as to make it more prominent for web crawlers or algorithms of search engines.
  • On-page optimization includes: modification and improvement on the content as text, the HTML code and the images that are being used.
  • Off-page optimization include modifying backlinks which are links of the optimized websites that are carefully placed in other relevant web pages from where a user can be redirected to the website being optimized.
  • Carry out comprehensive website audit which will point out on-page mistakes such as missing content heads, over loaded contents and help us to modify it according to relevance.
  • Inexpensive good quality link building for SEO.
  • Great code optimization techniques that will represent the content to the search engines in a friendly format and also comparatively reduce the loading time of the website which is beneficial for the web crawlers as they would not have to wait for the pages to load for too long due to overload of images or content.
  • We also provide services that include conversion tracking, reports of the web traffic and ranking
What can you accomplish with our SEO services?
  • Get the website a higher rank in organic search results in popular search engines by modifying it as a search engine friendly site.
  • We also leverage very interesting content that is helpful, well defined and completely relevant to the site.
  • Modify the textual content with proper, effective keywords and developing internal link structures with this newly modified content to represent the importance of the keywords for all the search engines

With the help of these services the traffic to the website will surely increase. Optimization is an essential part for the success of your website and numerous clients have benefitted from STOIC over the years and hence there are numerous success stories. So get your site’s optimization done at now.


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