Rugstore is owned and run by Kazim Yildiz, who has been in the Oriental Rugs and Carpet trade for over 35 years. Kazim’s involvement in the Rug trade started in his early teens when he was living in Istanbul. His elder brother was already firmly established in the carpet trade and so he arranged an apprenticeship for his younger brother Kazim to begin work as a carpet restorer. Kazim spent many years of his practical apprenticeship under the guidance of some of the finest restorers in Istanbul.

After completing his training and working as a professional restorer for a number of years, along with trading privately with antique pieces, Kazim decided to come to England and settle his profession here in London.

His shop in Richmond London is aimed at providing a specialist service with a vast stock in old and antique Kilims & Rugs, the shop has been going from strength to strength ever since which brought about the opportunity to also offer to his clients a wonderful array of large room size decorative carpets for main living and dining room areas.

Kazim’s determination to source the many beautiful carpets and textiles available, frequently entails him in travel throughout England, Europe and of course to Istanbul in Turkey, ‘the heart of the rug world’,where he acquires many of his exquisite antique rugs, decorative Carpets, and tribal pieces.

Kazim is supported by close and dedicated staff. His senior managers are generally based at Richmond, who have worked in the oriental Carpet trade for a number of years, in which they have acquired a valuable and noted expertise in the business.

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