Based in the UK, Redsky Brands creates soft drink brands. With an industry experience of more than 10 years we have sold drinks brands to the most popular, fashionable and established restaurants, bars and hotels in London. Through this we have been able to take an active role in understanding the social drinking lives of millions of people in the UK.  Put simply we understand drinks marketing.

It is this experience that we have used to develop a brand which we believe will appeal to urban youth around the world.

PK energy drink has been designed to create an energy drink brand with packaging that had a visual language that needs no translation anywhere in the world.   The concept behind the drink comes from Parkour the world famous free running technique. PK is the slang Parkour practitioners use to refer to their sport.  The visual imagery of the brand and advertising slogan “Overcome Obstacles” succinctly communicates the benefits of the PK in a way which is both unique and relevant to urban youth across the world.


Location : london, uk
Development Period : 1 week
Team Involved: 
  • 2 Dotnet developersIND
  • 1 SEO DeveloperIND
  • 1 Web DesignerIND
Technology Used: 
  • FrameworkDotNet 4.0 Framework
  • DatabaseMS Sql Server 2008 R2
  • LanguageC#
PK Energy
Client Name :
Amit Gupta
Website Type :
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