Ronnie started by washing dishes for Silent movie Location Caterers at Pinewood Studios in 1995. Ronnie was then promoted thru the ranks in the kitchen after four years becoming head chef. He then started on the location catering and go to know film producers and companies. In 2001 Ronnie started his own company and his first film was Dinotopia for Adam Goodman at Pinewood Studios.

This was followed by many other commissions from top studios and producers such as Paramount Productions, Warner Bros, Talkback Productions and Sky TV. Some of the films are Alfie, Troy, Alexander The Great, Xmen 3, Batman and Hitchhikers.

Location : london, uk
Development Period : 1 week
Team Involved: 
  • 2 Dotnet developersIND
  • 1 SEO DeveloperIND
  • 1 Web DesignerIND
Technology Used: 
  • FrameworkDotNet 4.0 Framework
  • DatabaseMS Sql Server 2008 R2
  • LanguageC#
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